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101 Clips is a free full-featured clipboard manager
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101 Clips is a free, but yet full-featured clipboard manager. It can help you improve the existing Windows clipboard by allowing it to contain 25 times more information. The stock clipboard can hold only one copied item before you paste it. 101 Clips can hold up to 25 different bits of information, letting you select and paste any of them.

It supports both text and graphics (images, pictures, etc.). There are previews for text, and a pop-up window appears when there is an image in one of the slots, containing a small preview of it. When you have 101 Clips running and you make use of the Clipboard copying something, this item will appear on a list with 25 fields. If you copy more than 25 pieces of information, then only the last 25 will be accessible.

When not in use, the application rests as a system tray icon. You can access it by double-clicking. Additionally, you can set a hotkey screen that will bring up the list of copied elements. Also, there is a nice option to call the application by simply moving the mouse pointer to one of the edges of the desktop, where a button will appear. When clicking this button, the main window appears.

All in all, 101 Clips makes the Clipboard tenfold better, and it is a free utility. Support for hotkeys and something like hot corners makes it even better. Oh, it can also take screen captures for you.

José Fernández
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  • Screenshot captures
  • 25 copy slots
  • Image and text preview
  • Hotkey support
  • Well-refined app


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